The Jazz Nights, international meetings

Jazz from here and there

Worried of keeping a maximum of evenings focusing on the Belgian Jazz scene and because the request of foreign groups is increasing, the Jazz Station team decided in 2011 to refocus the monthly program around the Belgian groups but also to create a moment dedicated to the "foreigner” Jazz .

These Jazz Nights were established with the objective to discover what is made in the neighborhood or simply in other countries, and to welcome three Jazz bands of one foreign country during three days.

In 2012, Jazz Nights was dedicated to the United States with American musicians and tributes to the biggest names, then to the Netherlands, Germany, Quebec and France. We shall underline the excellent partnership with the Goethe Institut de Bruxelles who gets involved from the first moments of the German Jazz Nights organization until their realization and their promotion.

In 2013, Jazz Nights was dedicated to the Scandinavian countries, to Germany, to Canada and to France. Two other cycles were also dedicated to Spain and Czech Republic, the agreements finally not having been able to become a reality for 2012.

In 2014, Jazz Nights was dedicated to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Canada. Two new partners joined the adventure in 2014 : for the Dutch Jazz Nights, the Embassy of the Netherlands’ Kingdom in Brussels. For the Luxembourg Jazz Nights, The Embassy in Belgium of the Luxembourg’s Grand Duchy and Music:LX (Luxembourg Export Office).

In 2015, we found the Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Germany. A focus was also made around the 20 years of Artvark’s group, which was a little bit particular version of the Dutch Jazz Nights.

In 2016 and 2017, we welcomed Luxembourg and Germany.

In 2018, we have continued our rich collaboration with Germany.

The German Jazz Nights have seen their 9th season take root in October 2019 !
In 2019 the Jazz Station also hosted Luxemburg.

In April 2020, We would have had the Scottish Jazz Nights.

In 2021, we welcomed Germany and Luxembourg.

The program is to be found there !