La Chambre Verte

Any music lover keeps in him the memory of some magical concerts, of those which enchant you, move you, subvert or transform. La Chambre Verte invites you to the foregoing moment of grace awaited : a rendezvous before concert to live these last moments together with the musician who will tread the boards and try to set it on fire.

La Chambre Verte is a proposal for a trip, a ticket to the stage to meet an artist who will perform live. This is the preface of a concert, the premises for creation, a time of reverie. Like a story, this radio journey is composed as a mosaic of bits of secret conversations in the comfort of a lodge, exchanges in the corridors in backstage or listening to a music being refined in rehearsal.

La Chambre Verte is a radio program in the first person, a radio program where the musician discovers the scene and discovers himself in backstage where he thinks, agrees, repeats, doubts, imagines, remembers, perhaps, his best concert.

Filmmakers :
Bastien Paternotte – Vincent Dascotte
Photos :
Mixing : Paul Vanabelle
Graphic design : Julie Flam

A production Play Misty prod.