La Grande Séduction

For a flirt with you I’ll bring you sweets, I will whistle up there on the hill, gather you an eglantines bouquet and we’ll make love on the beach.

What is more crazy and unspeakable than love ? And what to say when it declines itself into music, Blue Note version ? The jazz, this music that excites as much as she escapes to us, that rocks us as much as she touch us and that, always, take our breath.

How to keep it together withour loosing our minds ? How to weave the perfect love ? How to avoid the blues and build new tommorows that sing ? How to create the desire... and the pleasure too ?

"La Grande Séduction" gathers the big ones of the jazz : musicians, journalists, photographers,lovers and passionated, that reveal one and an other thair antidotes, their balmes and discographic tricks to avoid the lack of musical inspiration. They evoke, with tracks as proves, their greatest sounded stories : their First ecxitement (the album that led them to jazz), their Unconditional love (the worship album above all of the others), their Last love at first sight (the last album that made them crazy) and their Seduction asset (the album that permits them to discover themselves). So no, not all the love stories and bad, in general.

production :
Bastien Paternotte – Vincent Dascotte

Pictures : Arnaud Ghys -
Mix : Paul Vanabelle
Voice off La Grande Séduction : Noémie Decroix

A Play Misty prod’s production