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    Aaron Parks is back with his project "Little Big"

    Aaron Parks - piano / Greg Tuohey - guitar / DJ Ginyard - bass / Tommy Crane - drums
    Pianist Aaron Parks released his Blue Note debut "Invisible Cinema" at the age of 25 following three Blue Note releases with trumpeter Terence Blanchard. The (...)

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    Jams sessions come back!

    The Jazz Station has long supported the fantastic work of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and it is with great pleasure that it welcomes the always exciting Jams students of the jazz section!
    A moment open to all, destined to discover, (...)

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    Give her/him a gift voucher !

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September - October

Back to school!
After a few weeks of break, our team prepares a season that promises to be another great time! The summer homework is done and all we have to do is take you in our schoolbag!
For breakfast, you’ll be able to gain strength with two opening weekends: Tutu Puoane and his companion, Ewout Pierreux, to start the season with this succulent duo and positive energy vector! Then, the Saint-Jazz Festival is back with a very beautiful program and the Botanique as a partner ... We saw worse! And if you add a Record Fair and the return of lectures by Jean-Pol Schroeder, the day begins well!
Then take the school bus (29) to stop at Boulevard Clovis. In front of us, the sacred door, the iron gratings open. And the good thing is that we do not even have to leave the parents at the entrance.
A few minutes of playground before starting: the Singers Night offered each month by Natacha Wuyts open the ball of the evenings intended for amateurs and beginners, pillars of our activities of support and accompaniment. Game is over, Sylvain Darrifourcq begins the month of October with a wild trio: the evil brothers Ceccaldi accompany him to present the new album of the project "In Love With". After that, we can say that we will be prepared for everything. Classes follow each other: here, Pascal Mohy, there, Tom Bourgeois. By way of breathing: the Jazz Station Big Band and their new songs. No time to sit around, we go to foreign languages: Nitai Hershkovits (reminder of the Or Bareket Course, January 2018) in solo piano, it is not optional. The German Jazz Nights, with Airelle Besson/Sebastian Sternal/Jonas Burgwinkel then Pablo Held, are not optional either. You will soon become trilingual, for sure!
We end up with a snack, a teasing for what comes next: Leïla Martial, Aaron Parks, Sofia Ribeiro, Ziv Ravitz, Vincent Peirani, Yonathan Avishai, Frederico Casagrande, Emile Parisien, Veronika Harcsa, as many names that could be on the program this year!
Study well.

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