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It’s almost Christmas!

The house will echo laughter and moments of beautiful complicities, precious moments of happiness, sweet and delicious ... or not! It does not concern us in the end.

But perhaps are you still thinking about the gifts that you will offer to your loved ones? That’s great, we have ideas in our pockets! Since the beginning of the school year, THIRTEEN albums have been released at the Jazz Station. So many cool albums to offer (or afford).

What brighten up the winter evenings or decorate the frosty breakfasts. Create an unbeatable playlist and swith between candlelit dinner and grand banquet. And no risk, our proposals have nothing of a kiss of Judas: trust our programming, high level concerts for cheap price! For this month of December, you can leave with two albums from the finest local flower: Ben Sluijs, magic breath, will present "Particles" with his quartet, while Peter Hertmans, virtuoso guitar will propose "Akasha", his recent collaboration with the indefatigable duo Charlier-Sourisse. Add to the basket two gifts that we make to thank you for your eternal warmth: Fabrice Alleman and Philip Catherine duo, then a unique Belgian-Palestinian creation worn by the young and brilliant Faraj Suleiman!

And if you ever want more, know that in January will take place the fifth edition of the River Jazz Festival. We sneak the idea into your hood, because the program is enticing. A tribute to the legendary band Steps Ahead led by Ivan Paduart and his dream-team, Yonathan Avishai around a magical trio, jazz gypsy of the Doigts de l’Homme, the new trio of Vincent Peirani with Federico Casagrande and Ziv Ravitz, and the traditional Night around Nicolas Kummert ... Not to mention the excellent concerts of Senghor and Marni! Places and pass are already on sale.

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