Jazz Station

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The month of June, as usual, is the moment to look back at the season, and to pick the fruits! Thanks to you, a growing public and attentive to our proposals, we can assume that our choices are not too bad, and that they meet your cultural expectations. Without you, the Jazz Station would not be what it is, and for that we thank you from the bottom of the heart!
Thanks, of course, to the many and many musicians, you who have walked our stage at the mercy of concerts, workshops and rehearsals that have punctuated our daily life throughout the year. You trust us, you love our place, and we try to make it as good as we can!

Every year, the final month of the season is the opportunity to affirm our commitment to the Belgian music scene and the cultural life of our municipality. In terms of support for novice artists, concerts of the Academies, final exams of the Royal Francophone Conservatory of Brussels, concerts of students of various singing lessons, and a workshop of Anne Wolf in July: many opportunities to see the young Belgian jazz grow and flourish in our venue.
On the professional side, 100% Belgian for four weeks: Alain Pierre with his project Tree-Ho (we remain with the family), the last edition for this season of the monthly concerts of the Jazz Station Big Band, the magnificent quintet of Joachim Caffonnette, Brandhaard (Delannoye/Estiévenart form an explosive quartet alongside the finest of Holland) and finally two evenings to end the year in fireworks with Aka Moon and their brand new project, Now.

Thank you all for supporting us, for making the taste for jazz in our capital, and for recognizing us as a place of indisputable presence at the end of our thirteen years of existence. We will continue to offer you the best that is possible!

This summer we will be closing for a few weeks, so enjoy your summer, rest and ... wait and see what awaits you next season!


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