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    The Saint Jazz Festival returns for its 36th edition!

    This beginning of the season will hold, as has been the case since the creation of the Jazz Station, the Saint Jazz festival. The common point of these two cultural institutions is their founder, Jean Demannez who unfortunately left us last (...)

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    History of Jazz: discover the topics for fall 2022!

    by Jean-Pol Schroeder and Jacques Onan from the Maison du Jazz in Liège.
    For this 2022-2023 season, Jean-Pol Schroeder continues his portraits of jazz musicians who have marked their era. Something new this season: he will be accompanied by (...)

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    Did you know that it is possible to rent our spaces?

    The Jazz Station rents its halls : To companies willing to organize evenings or seminaries. To individuals for a private party. To musicians and labels wishing to highlight any new project. To non-profit associations as part of their cultural (...)



At the dawn of our eighteenth season, we wanted to shake up our habits. And therefore, a little bit yours. You will have noticed that this program is radically different from the previous ones: from now on, we function according to the seasons, carried by their atmosphere.

But for autumn, on the contrary of the days getting shorter, our weeks are getting longer: conferences on the history of jazz, singing classes, residencies, exhibitions and a plethora of concerts of course, but also dance classes on Mondays and - new - our jams, every Sunday!

The Jazz Station is first and foremost an association, and we are committed to remaining true to its values: open, social, inclusive, friendly and caring. Our place is open to everyone, and we strive to support with all our might (and with limited means) a sector that is still dangerously rocky.

Don’t worry, our efforts are paying off: take a look at this fantastic program! The musicians trust us, and you can feel it. Extraordinary names are going to come and tread our stage this season. As an appetizer: Billy Hart, Kevin Hays, Sullivan Fortner, Rudy Royston, Nate Wood, Gilad Hekselman, Peter Bernstein, Doug Weiss, Roberto Gatto, Will Vinson, Ziv Ravitz... But also beautiful discoveries, with local groups, and a beautiful part made to the new creation: Guillaume Malempré, Gert-Jan Dreessen, Serendip Quartet, Dear Uncle Lennie (Camille-Alban Spreng) and well confirmed artists: Eve Beuvens, David Linx, Fabrice Alleman... We let you discover the rest, this website contains everything you need!

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