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    Jazz history class

    After several years of lessons in the form of portraits of musicians who made the history of Jazz, Jean-Pol Schroeder will return to fundamentals. This year, we offer a course in chronological history of Jazz. A course that starts with the (...)

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    Give her/him a gift voucher !

    You can now offer a gift voucher from the Jazz Station available for one, three or five concerts !

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    New exhibition: "Jazzmen" by Yves Druart




Winter’s over!
The Jazz Station is a covered room, certainly, but nothing prevents it from irradiating each month, and to give more and more colors to the life of Brussels!
The beginning of spring means desires for renewal! Always anxious to renew ourselves and explore other horizons, our programming is inflated with a project... resurrected. Originally, it was at Bravo that the great drummer Antoine Pierre had started his "Cubistic Sessions". Bravo closed. But the "Cubistic Sessions" stick to our skin, as obvious: the Jazz Station is a place of experimentation and meetings. A place that weaves links, creates connections. And these "Sessions" proposed by Antoine, are concerts in one-shot, germs of meetings that have emerged and have turned into tasty fruits of chance. Each edition, an international musician, sometimes known from our scene, sometimes pure discovery, is invited by Antoine for a unique concert. Around this duet, a carefully selected group is formed among the fine flowers of Belgian jazz. For the first edition: Petros Klampanis, the huge Greek bass player, will be back in Brussels. At his side, Jean-Paul Estiévenart and Nicola Andrioli. Priceless!
Of course, it will not be the only concert of the month (count about twenty activities), and we can say that March offers us a programming... fulfilled! We remain in balance between local artists (LG Jazz Collective) and foreigners (the fantastic pianist Fred Nardin, with Or Bareket and Leon Parker); large formations (Jazz Station Big Band) or smaller ones (Greg Houben and Fabian Fiorini duet); invitations (Antoine Pierre, as already said, but also Phil Abraham who invites the legend of the trombone Bart Van Lier); and always an attentive ear focused on what happens on the feminine jazz side, instrumental (Pauline Leblond, trumpet) or vocal (Veronika Harcsa).

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