Alexandre Cavaliere Modern Quartet

River Jazz Night

Alexandre Cavaliere - violin / Casimir Liberski - piano / Stéphane Galland - drums / Janos Bruneel - double bass

If there is one date that should not be missed during the festival, it is this one, as the River Jazz Night presents itself as the red thread of this fortnight : a unique evening during which a musician, selected with care, offers us three different projects in each partner location of the festival. And who better to perform this masterful trick than the talented violinist Alexandre Cavaliere ?
As a child, he learned rhythm in his father’s band and already regularly practiced piano, drums and violin. It is through this instrument that he will best express his great musical sensitivity, his qualities of improvisation and his sense of rhythm. Cradled by the melodies of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, swing is self-evident. Barely 12 years old, his career got off to a flying start when he met Didier Lockwood and Babik Reinhardt. Then it all comes together naturally. This young violin virtuoso quickly kept his promises of success.

Closing concert of the River Jazz Festival.

12€ concert at the JS / 25€ night pass (JS + Senghor + Marni). Reservations strongly recommended via our online ticket office.