Charlier/Sourisse/Winsberg ‘Le monde à l’envers’

Louis Winsberg · guitar / Benoît Sourisse · organ / André Charlier · drums

Original compositions that awaken our senses like an invitation to travel where these three great musicians play the game appropriate to each of the little stories that they know how to tell us so well... whether we enjoy it in one direction or the other... The meaning, the double meaning, the double play is present here at every moment, playing on stereotypes, and apparent appearances, these three musicians, as united as they are unique, revolve around their dreams with a child’s greed, by imagining everything and its opposite, in a world where everything seems to be going backwards.

15€ ·10€ members, students, job seekers · 9€ KCB/CRB students / ULB Culture card
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