Double Bill : Mathieu Robert Solo + A. Pielsticker / N. Kummert

Mathieu Robert solo

In this solo project, Mathieu honors his loyal companion, the soprano saxophone. Through miniature sounds he shares his findings, sometimes composed, sometimes improvised, using those tones as an anchor. He invites the listener to discover a particular microcosm by highlighting all the different angles of his instrument. The source of the inspiration varies from ceramics to jazz, passing through paintings, Japanese culture, improvisation and movement. With this practice of the moment, Mathieu dives into the matter and tries to inhabit the sounds themselves, in search of serenity and paradoxically... silence.

Alexander Pielsticker / Nicolas Kummert digital shadow

This duet is an encounter between a musician playing on a prepared piano and his digital shadow. Alexander’s piano is prepared with different objects which resonate and vibrate as he plays, and these sounds are manipulated in real time by Nicolas via his computer. The result is mysterious music, where we no longer know who is doing what. The two musicians manipulate the same sound, over which neither has total control, which brings them even closer than a ‘traditional’ duo. This creates poetic music that is sometimes abstract, sometimes powerful, even harsh, but also very intimate. The project started when the two musicians met in Arnhem, where they were both pursuing a Master degree ; Alex was doing research on the prepared piano and Nicolas on the expressive possibilities of electronics applied to acoustic sounds.

15€ · 10€ members, students, job seekers · 9€ KCB/CRB students · 8€ LDH members
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