Eve Beuvens

Eve Beuvens Trio - April 4th, 2018

Filmmakers :
Bastien Paternotte – Vincent Dascotte
Photos : Arnaud Ghys
Mixing : Paul Vanabelle
Graphic design : Julie Flam

The history of jazz has made little space for women, except, perhaps, singers. So, what about those who do not sing ? They did not have a voice ? The Chambre Verte finally opens its doors to a female musician. Let’s bet that this first step will lead to others.

If Eve Beuvens and her trio never tire of rediscovering and reinventing themselves live standards, we never tire of hearing this pianist talk about her scene, her influences, the second quintet of Miles Davis with "Herbie" and her immoderate love for live sessions as an improvisation space. She also summons poetry and Saint John Perse to evoke her relationship with the stage : "we have little time to go to the moment." Leave yourself right away. Try some piece, no rush !

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