CD Release ‘Bond’

Hélène Duret · clarinet, bass clarinet / Benjamin Sauzereau · guitar / Maxime Rouayroux · drums

It’s jazz. But pop can be heard too, in the abundance of simple melodies that set the tone for the harmony. all. Sometimes noise breaks the line to plunge us into timbre. Emotion glides along sensation. The abstract intertwines with melodic riffs. Dialogues in counterpoint, collages of opposing energies that glide in suspended moments through arpeggios skimmed by the nimble fingers of the guitarist, while the clarinet weeps and lets us hear the humid sound of its mucous membranes. The drum kit overturns the groove to the extent that it scrambles and annihilates fixed pulsation. Space reigns, revealing a dark, silky night.

15€ · 10€ members, students, job seekers · 9€ KCB/CRB students · 8€ LDH members
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