Joel Rabesolo & Fabien Degryse

Two guitars and a thousand flavors. Here is the menu offered by the belgian Fabien Degryse and the malagasy Joël Rabesolo. The recipe is easy : a quarter of jazz standards, a quarter of Joël’s compositions, a quarter of Fabien’s compositions and a quarter of traditionnal malagasy.

Dates of Jazz Tour
fri. 24.01.20 - 20:30 - Louvain-la-Neuve
sat. 25.01.20 - 20:30 - Mouscron
thu. 30.01.20 - 20:30 - Bruxelles
sat. 01.02.20 - 20:30 - Sensenruth

Interview by Pauline Leblond…abesolo-duo/

This podacst was realised thanks to Sabam for Culture’s support.