The Milk Factory & Hannah Tolf

CD release ‘Vandrare’

Hannah Tolf (SWE) · voice / Thijs Troch · piano, guitar / Jan Daelman · flute / Viktor Perdieus · tenor saxophone / Edmund Lauret · guitar / Kobe Boon · double bass / Benjamin Elegheert · drums

After an exclusive debut concert at BOZAR last year, The Milk Factory & Hannah Tolf return to Brussels for their JazzLab tour. Led by guitarist Edmund Lauret and pianist Thijs Troch, this Ghent-based band shares the stage with Swedish singer Hannah Tolf. With her delicate voice, she sublimates the whole repertoire at the crossroads of jazz and pop, acoustic and electronic music. Their first album ‘Aula’ (2020) confirms a need to go straight to the point. Their compositions are characterised by intoxicating melodies, intimate atmospheres, close interactions, catchy songs and minimalist sounds. An enchanting and subtle universe that invites you to dream, accompanied by a new album!

12€ · 9€ JS members, students, job seekers · 7€ Les Lundis d’Hortense members
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