Presentation of the Jazz Station

Living Center of Jazz

Through an eclectic programme well-known for its quality, this place reaches the widest possible audience. It is significantly different from the ones that we are sometimes used to see in the Jazz clubs of our city : people come here to listen to music, they behave more like if they were in a theater rather than a bar. In order to help the promotion of Jazz and to federalize energies and initiatives in Brussels, the Jazz Station has hosted for almost ten years the association of musicians "Les Lundis d’Hortense" and provides them with quality spaces which allow them in their turn to present their work and their (programme, every Wednesday evening from October to the end of May. These two associations are nevertheless very different, both in their programming, their functioning, and in the supports they receive.

In its activity schedule, the Jazz Station proposes among others a cycle of concerts-aperitifs every Saturday at 6 pm. This programme always meets a striking success. It aims to be completely representative of today’s jazz but does not hesitate to return to the origins of the music. The schedule is also filled up with History courses, singing lessons, various partnerships and many public rehearsals.

Furthermore, The station welcomes exhibitions (photography, painting, etc.) connected to the Jazz topic (with Jazz). A multimedia space allows the public to stand apart from the concert hall and to enjoy the music in a more comfortable way while taking advantage of the simultaneous broadcasting of the concert on the big screen. In the future, this room will allow them to reach the archived audio-visual medium. These archives are part of the museum activity in full development at the Jazz Station.

In conclusion, the Jazz Station celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in September 2020. Concerts, exhibitions, public rehearsals, open mics, workshops, training session sessions : for ten years, day and night, this place has been bursting with life and activities. The Jazz Station is not a Jazz club. It is a place where Jazz is alive. A concert hall disguised as a club, in which people like to come to listen to music while having a drink, and not a place where the music acts as a background sound… The difference is considerable. Fifteen years was the time needed for this place to become inescapable in the capital of Jazz. The Jazz Station has been the stage for hundreds of musicians, several tens of thousands of spectators, and tens of artists of all kinds. Ten years is already quite something for us : teams of three co-workers who succeed each other to give their love and their energy to the functioning of this association.