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    Jazz Station presents : OUT OF THE BOX

    For some time, our team has been thinking about several ways to go beyond our walls, without falling into the easy trap of “taking jazz elsewhere”. To explore new avenues and broaden our scope of action beyond conventional jazz, we are launching (…)

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    Did you know that it is possible to rent our spaces?

    The Jazz Station rents its halls : To companies willing to organize evenings or seminaries. To individuals for a private party. To musicians and labels wishing to highlight any new project. To non-profit associations as part of their cultural (…)

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    Discover the new "bible" of vocalization!

    Geneviève Fraselle, Jazz singer and Martial Host, pianist and composer, have been leading singing workshops at the Jazz Station for many years. This year, they set themselves a big challenge: to write a true Vade-Mecum of the singer!
    It took (…)



A final quarter to end this magnificent season with a bang, what more could you ask for?! This season was – of course – once again the opportunity to present to you the best of the current jazz scene, crossing mountains and oceans and going from the smallest form to the largest possible.
But the year 2024 is also a pivotal year for us, because it is the dawn of a series of partnerships, each more exciting than the last. With a view to varying the prisms, breaking preconceived ideas and leaving our walls with audacity and creativity, the Jazz Station is once again multiplying initiatives: combining music and architecture with the Maison Autrique, to celebrate two treasures of Brussels culture (Art Nouveau and Jazz), but also tease other disciplines (Lundynamite!) and offer laboratory evenings (Explorations) alongside the Thöz Collective, the Halles de Schaerbeek, Garage29, and the Théâtre de la Vie , and finally to try the big leap: rediscover the energy of dance, trance and the body in movement by offering a series of events linked to the concepts of letting go (see you in June with “OUT OF THE BOX ”!), associated with an improbable but oh-so-exhilarating combination: Brasserie Illegaal, Brussels Art & Pole, Collectif Hoek, Jam’O’Gist, La Tricoterie, and – again – Les Halles!
Breaking down prejudices, being attentive to the well-being of all, offering a safe, inclusive and caring place, improving our behavior while respecting our artistic lines, it may be possible thanks to surrounding reference people, inspiring existing initiatives and legitimate structures. We therefore thank all the people involved in these new (and old) projects, who support and transport us.
Thank you also for continuing to support live music, art in general, and all of our association activities, the heart of our vision!
We wish you a wonderful ending season with us, and an wonderful summer: we will be waiting for you in September!

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