Ananke ft. Julien Tassin

Saint-Jazz Festival

Victor Abel - keyboards, compositions / Romeo Iannucci - bass / Alex Rodembourg - drums / Julien Tassin - guitar

Ananke’s music is part of a contemporary jazz tradition initiated by innovative groups of the nineties like Aka Moon, Greetings From Mercury, Pierre Van Dormael, ... In the band’s repertoire, the melodic aspect and the groove always predominate, articulating within complex rhythmic structures. The approach consists in transcending the rigor of writing through inspired improvisations and a great complicity between the musicians, in favor of an accessible and readable listening for a large audience. Ananke has existed for more than 15 years and multiplies the meetings and the collaborations with musicians of all styles and all horizons. They present us for this concert their new project with the guitarist Julien Tassin, an experimental jazz filled with electro psychedelic, crazy rock guitar and big grooves.

10€ for the complete evening (Joachim Caffonnette Trio + Ananke ft. Julien Tassin)
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