Shijin - February 17, 2018

Filmmakers :
Bastien Paternotte – Vincent Dascotte
Photos : Arnaud Ghys
Mixing : Paul Vanabelle
Graphic design : Julie Flam

Shijin or the Japanese symbolism represented by the four guardians of the cardinal points. This quartet is above all an energy emanating from the four winds. A rather unique approach of writing with Laurent David and Stéphane Galland at the origin of the creation of eight songs mainly from improvisation. Malcolm Braff then placed a second layer which ended with the melodies of Jacques Schwarz-Bart. Shijin is a prototypical UFO, an organism evolving according to the influences and the very strong musical personality of each one. Shijin Tonic is Laurent David on bass, Stéphane Galland on drums, Malcom Braff on piano, keyboards and Jacques Schwartz-Bart on saxophone.

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