Brussels Trombone Week-End

The Rath Pack

Mark Nightingale (UK) - trombone / Bert Boeren (NL) - trombone / Marc Godfroid - trombone / Johan Clement - piano (NL) / Bart De Nolf – double bass / Bruno Castellucci - drums

This concert will convincingly demonstrate the soft and appealing sound a group of trombones can offer. Obviously, when the performers are three of the greatest European musicians, it helps: the Brit Mark Nightingale, the Dutch Bert Boeren and the Belgian Marc Godfroid! Together, they manage to produce a smooth sound, and a homogeneous sound sheet where sounds merge with each other. Partly because their game is extremely brilliant and full of ideas, and because the arrangements are particularly intelligent.

12 € full price / 10 € job seekers, students, members of the association. We do not take reservations. We do not accept credit cards.