Jazz Portrait: discover the topics for fall!

by Jean-Pol Schroeder and Jacques Onan from the Maison du Jazz in Liège.

For this 2023-2024 season, Jean-Pol Schroeder and Jacques Onan continue their portraits of jazz musicians who have marked their era.

Attending the Jazz Portrait Cycle means hearing colorful anecdotes about world-famous musicians, but also (re)discovering and understanding the careers of ancient and contemporary artists. It means taking advantage of the rich explanations of our speakers as well as their archives and other sometimes extremely rare video extracts!

Tuesday 26th of September - Eddy Louiss (by Jean-Pol Schroeder)
Tuesday 10th of October - Brad Mehldau (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 24th of October - Gato Barbieri (by Jean-Pol Schroeder)
Tuesday 7th of November - Ron Carter (by Jacques Onan)
Tuesday 21th of November - Nina Simone (by Jean-Pol Schroeder)
Tuesday 5th of December - Michel Herr (by Jacques Onan and with the presence of Michel Herr)

6€ - 30€ six sessions - 100€ complete season