Hors Cadre #2 - Thelma & Louise - T. Teboul et A. Faye

Hors Cadre, the video capsule that mixes cinema and improvisation. The concept is simple: an extract from a film, dialogue or monologue, which has marked the history of cinema, and the guests have to improvise the sequel!

Today for this second episode, "Thelma and Louise" by Ridley Scott (1991), a feminist ode to freedom, a rejection of patriarchy and a hymn to independence. In this excerpt, the key dialogue between Thelma and her husband Darryl, following Louise’s decision not to return home and move to Mexico.

Theo Teboul - drums
Amaury Faye - Fender Rhodes, keyboards, FX

Kostia Pace - concept, video, editing
Ferri Van Overstraeten - sound

Credits: Thelma and Louise (MGM)
Music: "Thelma & Louise Theme" (Hans Zimmer)
Improvisation ©T. Teboul & A. Faye
Jazz Lines - 2020

With the support of Sabam for Culture