Jazz Station Big Band

Stéphane Mercier - alto sax, flute, artistic direction / Daniel Stokart - alto and soprano sax, flute, alto flute / Steven Delannoye - tenor sax / Hanne De Backer - baritone sax / Loïc Dumoulin, Pauline Leblond, Jean-Paul Estiévenart - trumpet, flugelhorn / Peter Delannoye, David De Vrieze - trombone / Bart De Lausnay - bass trombone / François Decamps - guitar / Vincent Bruyninckx - piano / Boris Schmidt - double bass / Toon Van Dionant - drums

Formed at the initiative of Michel Paré with the members of the group MP4 (François Decamps, Piet Verbist and Herman Pardon), this big band was born in October 2006 at the Jazz Station. Since September 2016, the group is led by Stéphane Mercier. The original idea was to allow the members of the quartet and the comparses who joined them to engage in writing for larger ensemble in the spirit of New York clubs such as the Village Vanguard by performing once a month in a Jazz club. For more than fifteen years, the Jazz Station staff has hosted the JSBB every first Thursday of the month, which has allowed the band to forge an original and unique sound.
“The Jazz Station Big Band is without a doubt one of the most promising European big bands. The writing is ingenious and ambitious and the arrangements are deep and meaningful. Their clever use of odd meters, meter changes and free improvisation keep the listener on his toes, but great lyricism, simplicity and beauty are also found in their work. This is undoubtedly a high quality album from an orchestra with unlimited potential.” Antonio Sanchez (drummer for the Pat Metheny Group, and composer of the soundtrack for the film Birdman, Oscar winner for Best Picture (2015) and César winner for Best Foreign Film)

12€ / 9€ members, students, job seekers. Reservations strongly recommended via our online ticket office