Jazz Workshop for adults

« The keys of the Jazz voice »

A singing workshop !
Twice a month, on Saturday mornings from 12 hours to 2 pm.

« The Keys of the Jazz Voice » are sessions of collective song livened up by Geneviève Fraselle (voice) and Martial Host (piano). They will allow participants, whatever their vocal level, to discover more about vocal jazz and to develop the natural voice, rhythm, instinctive harmonization, improvisation and jazz feel!

On the schedule :

1. Warm up : physical, respiration and vocal warm ups through multiple singing exercises, playful exercises and improvisations.

2. Various repertoire (standards of the Real portfolio, bossas, ballads, polyphonies, etc.) to sing with the group.

3. Individual coaching on the professional podium of the Jazz Station, in front of the group for those who want (work with the microphone, scenic presence, balance between piano & voice, etc.).

Every year, an end-year concert is organized in June, at the end of the cultural season.