Joachim Caffonnette Trio (BE/FR) - « Vers l’Azur noir »

Saint-Jazz Festival

Joachim Caffonnette (BE) - piano / Alex Gilson (FR) - double bass / Jean-Baptiste Pinet (FR) – drums

After years spent focusing on his quintet, which became one the most important groups of the new Brussels jazz scene, Joachim Caffonnette crossed the path of French double bass player Alex Gilson, freshly arrived in Brussels. After several live performances of jazz standards in trio with local drummers, they booked a first tour in Belgium and France with Paris-based drummer Jean-Baptiste Pinet. The first notes played together made it clear: beside a common vision of the interplay, the connection between the three musicians is almost telepathic.
In fall 2017, a second and longer tour was planned including appearances in Belgium, France and Luxemburg. Right after that, the trio entered the famous Jet Studio in Brussels to record a full-length album including Caffonnette’s originals as well as arrangements of pop covers. The album, recorded in November 2017, will be released in spring 2019.

10€ for the complete evening (Joachim Caffonnette Trio + Ananke ft. Julien Tassin)
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