Natashia Kelly Group + Alain Pierre Solo ft. Etienne Plumer

Double bill

Natashia Kelly Group

Natashia Kelly - voice / Jan Ghesquière - guitar / Brice Soniano - doublebass
Natashia Kelly embraces an Irish singing tradition : the sean-nòs .The sean-nòs singer has a bare voice not ’sweet’, with a certain ’natural fierceness’. The melody varies from one verse to the next, and from one performance to the next. This is often referred to as the ’variation principle’. Another important aspects of sean-nòs is rhythmic freedom.
With her alert companions Brice Soniano on double bass and Jan Ghesquière on electric guitar, they form an adventurous trio. Their music is open and free in a minimalistic multi-form orchestration, subtle colored and open to world music, jazz and contemporary music.
Their rhythm, without drums, is carried by an ostinato - like the waves that carries the surfers - to stay on the surfboard they need to be very attentif to each other.
A concert undulates from silences to rhythms of trance, from a capella to abstract improvisations, ensuring never to loose the thread of poetry.

Alain Pierre Solo ft. Etienne Plumer "Sitting in Some Café"

Alain Pierre - 6 and 12 strings guitar / Etienne Plumer - percussions, tablas
"Improvising on the solo guitar is a challenge that I like to take up in concert for almost 20 years. The time has come to move to the next level and produce an unaccompanied solo recording, without artifice, without re-recording. "Sitting In Some Café" was born in November 2018. It contains personal compositions that highlight the different sounds of classical guitars, 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars and a fretless guitar. The CD, produced by the musician and composer Antoine Pierre, has as a common thread cafes : places of meetings and life, so it was an opportunity to associate my music with photography, drawing and literature. Indeed, the jacket contains Pascal Ducourant’s photographs, Leslie Leoni’s drawings and Patrick Pierre’s texts, which is a continuation of my work as a composer and acoustic guitarist. It is also a logical continuation of my album "Aaron & Allen" realized in 2016 with Tree-Ho ! on the same label.
This concert is an opportunity to unveil this new music and to take up again the challenge of the solo in public. And for this release concert, it’s also the occasion to invite percussionist Etienne Plumer to the Tablas for some songs, the opportunity to share and meet this typical sound of India ! " (Alain Pierre)

10€ / 8€ (students, members, job seekers).
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