Nicola Andrioli Trio ‘Skylight’

Nicola Andrioli · piano, synths, compositions / Federico Pecoraro · electric bass / Adrien Verderame · drums

The synth was Nicola Andrioli’s first love. Subsequently, the piano - classical then jazz - took over. But, during a recent concert with Philip Catherine, the desire to retouch the electric keyboard was felt. Andrioli had the sounds in his head, the melodies at his fingertips and the writing became obvious. On paper, it might have sounded ‘seventies’, but it doesn’t. There is something very current, organic and extremely alive in this music. Andrioli’s touch, rarely contemplative, gives shivers. His lyrical flights marry superbly with the ardent drumming of Adrien Verderame, and the nervous gallops of Pecoraro. Blue notes, a touch of romanticism, a hint of atmospheric rock and this trip, of a dazzling freshness, will swell your heart with happiness.

15€ · 10€ JS members, students, job seekers
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