River Jazz Night : Anne Niepold invite Florejan Verschueren

Anne Niepold · accordion / Florejan Verschueren · piano

If there is one date that should not be missed during the festival, it is this one, as the River Jazz Night presents itself as the red thread of this fortnight : a unique evening during which a musician ne, carefully selected, offers us three different projects on the same evening, in each of the Festival’s partner venues. Also, only an artist endowed with a great musical plurality can afford to take on this role. Anne Niepold is a diatonic accordionist. A musician above all. She passionately lives her music without stylistic boundaries, making her art accessible to everyone. Writing compositions and arrangements is an integral part of her work. Made of encounters, mixtures, nourished by different currents and influences, her career as an artist reflects a plural universe and an offbeat and singular approach to the instrument. Anne is able to cross the ages, to bring styles together, to decompartmentalize aesthetics and repertoires. She pushes the limits of her instrument ever further.

Longtime friends, Anne and Florejan met more than twenty years ago, then sideman/woman within the same groups. Very quickly, the current passes and links are woven, so much so that they plan to create a common project around their compositions. For lack of time, the duo will never see the light of day. However, the two musicians have a lot in common. Both travel through styles, without a rut. Not really from the classical world, and not totally from the jazz world, they nevertheless cultivate the pleasure of improvisation and unexpected rhythms. Supporters of a certain musical sobriety, they share a taste for beautiful melodies and games of all kinds.

12 € · 30 € pass 3 concerts