Roberto Negro « Garibaldi Plop! » (FR)

CD release

Roberto Negro - piano, compositions / Valentin Ceccaldi - cello / Sylvain Darrifourcq - drums

"Giorgio, Nini and Tito were photographed in 1945 in a small village in Piedmont. They are twenty years old and celebrate the end of the war. A year earlier they are three young resisters who, hungry, decide to detach themselves from the brigade Garibaldi to pass alone the enemy lines and eat a good soup, before everyone else, on the other side of the Alps. They then make a vow to the Madonna: if they leave it alive, twelve months later they would commemorate their adventure by a pilgrimage to their native land. This photograph is taken on this occasion. It is the memory of one of those epochs in which history seems to tip over and the world reverses itself, an epoch on which the man on the left is today one of the last witnesses. Powerful and mysterious, it is also the starting point of the play composed by Roberto Negro. An urgent music of great evocative force, sometimes fierce, playing humor, long developments and sudden ruptures. A music that enjoys contrasts and draws us from the acrobatics to the dream." (Roberto Negro)

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