Sylvain Darrifourcq ‘20 000 mots’ : présentation du livre en présence de l’auteur

The Jazz Station invites Sylvain Darrifourcq to present his work, a reflection on the place of the artist in our societies. The meeting will be hosted by two surprise guests ! Recognized figure of this generation of improvisers curious about borders, Sylvain Darrifourcq is a musician in great demand. In 2009, he obtained a « Victoire du Jazz » with the Emile Parisien Quartet, of which he was the drummer for more than 10 years. Passionate about questions of temporality, space and rupture in music, he now creates a very personal language, built around the notions of ‘poly-speed’, ‘physical quality’ and the mechanization of the sound gesture. Thus are born his own projects MILESDAVISQUINTET !, IN LOVE WITH and TENDIMITE. In 2023, he created HECTOR Editions with the aim of publishing books with scientific content and knowledge sharing, and published the book ‘20,000 WORDS’ co-written with Antoine Lebousse.
Through this book, the author questions on what fabricates an artistic career : the meritocratic illusion, the marketing and simplification of the real, the questionable relationship between productivity and well-being. The upheavals linked to the coronavirus crisis have given even more urgency to these questions : how to continue to respond to injunctions to innovation in a world which is nevertheless becoming uniform ? Why produce ever more, when artistic circles are already saturated with proposals, works, messages ? How to reconcile time consuming communication and organizational tasks with time for reflection and artistic experimentation that getting ever smaller ? Sylvain puts words on a reality and questions that still find little echo in the public space. We are delighted to welcome him for this evening which already promises to be exciting !

Free Entrance