Toni Mora Quintet

CD release ‘Space Folklore’

Toni Mora - guitar, compositions / Pepa Niebla - vocals / Jean-Paul Estiévenart - trumpet / Jasen Weaver - double bass / Noam Israeli - drums

With 8 original compositions with subtle arrangements, this album, signed Toni Mora, mixes modern jazz perfectly served by this masterful quintet, raw and energetic rock accents, sometimes grating, and scents of bossa and Andean music, musical folklore in from which the Madrid-based sound researcher has drawn to nourish certain arrangements. A veritable kaleidoscope, this disc highlights the many facets of Toni Mora, an accomplished jazzman, music lover and curious about cultures. A mixed and lush universe, served with sensitivity and energy by a high-flying formation whose emotions are contagious, sweet melancholy (intro by Near Dampoort) succeeding raw energy (UFO Dreams), languid lightness (Space Folklore) or disillusioned Epicureanism (Life doesn’t care). The touching voices of the melodic section (Toni Mora, Jean-Paul Estievenart, Pepa Niebla) are sublimated by the powerful sound and penetrating solos of the excellent Jasen Weaver (double bass), and the intoxicating cadence of the chameleon drummer Noam Israeli whose the delicacy of the game is expressed as much in the Latin repertoires as in rock and jazz.

A masterpiece to listen to without moderation.

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